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Ken Fox announces upcoming studio EP.  

October 2020 - Ken Fox is an artist and songwriter with a passion for the classic sounds of folk, country, roots and americana. He is a very charismatic performer and songwriter with a distinctive voice, not only in terms of his actual voice, but also in terms of the poetry of his lyrics. The best song writers, in my opinion, are always able to tell stories in such a way that they make the listener feel like they are watching a film, rather than just listening to audio. If you take a look at the work of legendary artists such as Bob Dylan, as well as Johnny Cash or Neil young, you will quickly realize that they have one thing in common. Their songs tell stories and they are easy to relate to. Ken Also stands out for the storytelling in his songwriting, and the five songs that are going to be released on his upcoming EP are immersive and appealing.  

The first song is a track titled “Go it alone.” This is a perfect calling card for the artist and a great introduction to this release. The second song, “I do” is one of the most personal and distinctive tracks on the EP, and the melodic structure on this one is quite special.”Sold” As a classic feel to it, going for a warm vintage vibe that makes the sound even more organic and direct. “Working All Day” Is another track with an instantly relatable feel. Who hasn’t felt like the lyrics of this song depict, right? Last, but definitely not least, “Tape up my heart” is a beautiful song with a romantic touch.  

Find out more about Ken Fox, and do not miss out on his upcoming studio EP, Which is going to be released on October 30th  

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Ken Fox knows something about forging a path. From troubled youth to learning to play a right-handed guitar despite being left-handed and no internet to learn from. Born in Suffern NY in the ’80s, Ken was exposed to different cultures and absorbed them as influences. Traditional Country and some blues from his dad and singing greats from his mom. The rest came as evolution. The streets, mentors, and strangers. The staples of American music are seamlessly present in Ken's heartfelt truths as a singer and a songwriter. As well as his soulful and intimate shows.